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Satellite Mobile Sound Offers:


5000 + DVD's from, 70's to Today

(Dance, R&B, Pop, Rock)

Sound Systems

8 x 6 1/2 ' Video Screen

Intelligent Lighting & Strobe

DVD / Video Control Rack

   If you are interested in more information or would like to book Satellite Sound, please fill out and fax the Corporate Info/Booking Form.

 Corporate Info/Booking Form

  • To receive the music list password, call
  • Client must have returned to Satellite Mobile Sound a signed contract with a deposit to bind the Date and agreement.
  • Satellite Mobile Sound should be contacted one month before the event date to recieve the ever changing password to search the music list for song requests.
  • Client will have to submit the DVD Selection Form two weeks before event, in order for our staff to properly review requests.
  • To submit by e-mail:
  • Be sure to read the directions in the music list!

Preferred Vendors Guide

For further information and bookings call:

(504) 382-9201 Southshore

(504) 452-3042 Northshore

E-mail Sonny Woolledge (Owner) at:


Pick A Great DJ!

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